Music and Make Holiday Clubs

Our Music and Make holiday clubs are for children between the age of 5 and 12 yrs old. The day starts at 9am, however we can offer a flexible start from 8:30am if needed, and finishes at either 4pm (for £26 per child) or at 5pm (for £30 per child). We also offer a 25% sibling discount.

Our holiday clubs are held at our bespoke and unique space, Inspirations Central, just off Chapeltown Road.

They are a fantastic way to introduce or develop children’s interest in music, craft and stories, whether they have prior knowledge or not. Each week the activities are planned around a particular topic of a children’s book that ignites the imagination and has them singing all the way home.

The classes are designed and planned by primary school teachers and led by teachers and musicians and are packed full of activities for children to enjoy, as well as introducing them to music skills and art and craft materials and techniques that they might not have access to during a normal school day.

“I wish I could go to holiday club every day of every holiday” (A comment from one of our children at our Christmas holiday club)