Generation Inspiration is a new and monumental project for our inspiring next generation of children to express and explore their emotions and experiences of Covid and lockdown through the arts.  This project has been put together by Music and Creative Inspirations.

The children will be able to create music, theatre and story-telling and contemporary art.

Collaborative Storytelling

(Age 4 – 12yrs old)

Dates and Times:
Friday (26 February and March) at 11am – 12pm

Presented by Leeds improv storytellers ‘Anything Could Happen‘  our storytelling project is designed to encourage your children to indirectly explore their experiences during lockdown and their emotional responses.

Our aim with the first zoom session is to intrigue and amuse! Indirectly suggesting the themes that will be the focus for a short story they will write and bring to the second session. From these stories our story tellers will make and present a final collaborative short film.

Collaborative Song Writing

(Age 4 – 12yrs old)

Dates and Times:
Saturday (27 February and 6 March) at 10am – 11am

2 online Zoom workshops to explore children’s feelings and experiences of Covid and lockdown through song writing. In each workshop they will be guided by the amazing songwriter Lisa Glover to play with words and rhythm and to write their own lyrics.
The first workshop will be focused on looking back and what the children have experienced and the second workshop will be looking forward to a post Covid world and what the children feel it will be like and what they want it to be like.

Following each workshop the children will be given a week to submit their very own lyrics they want to be made into their collaborative song and Lisa will do her magic to create them. We will then be needing singers to learn the songs and record them to create a fantastic track, which will be able to be downloaded by friends, family and anyone who wants to from Bandcamp.

This workshop is aimed at all children of primary school age and is fully funded by HM Government and The Lottery Community Fund.

Collaborative Music Composition

(Age 12 – 18)

A total of 4 Zoom sessions, led by the composer and teacher, Ben Parker to explore emotions and experiences over the past year and looking forward through music.

The children (aged 12 – 18) will learn about musical soundscapes, recreating sounds from household objects to create desired effects, how to express melody, expression in spoken language and how to record this all effectively at home.

All compositions that are collaboratively created with then be mixed and mastered by Ben himself and will be available for download from Bandcamp once they are completed.

A fantastic opportunity for children to express themselves the=rough music and explore their feelings of Covid and their experiences, as well as what their post Covid world might look like.

It may help if the children already have prior musical knowledge, but not essential. Also, if they do not presently have access to an instrument that they usually play they can participate in so many other ways.

All these sessions are free and are fully funded by HM Government and The Lottery Community Fund.