Summer Holiday Music and Make Club

at Inspirations Central (age 5 – 11)

Our holiday clubs are a great way to introduce or progress children’s music and art and craft skills. They are held at Inspirations Central, home of Music Inspirations – Where we have created a bespoke and unique space for creativity to be explored and enjoyed through music, craft and play. Our clubs are welcoming, with a family feel, as we keep our numbers low (usually up to just 16 children) and have children from the whole age range, including many siblings. Our usual day runs from 9am to 4pm, however there is an option to book an early drop off session, or a late pick up session if needed. We offer a 25% sibling discount and further discounts available if you book the week, or all days on offer. All our music and craft skills activities are carefully planned around a story and offer something for everyone, whether they are avid crafters, or already play musical instruments or if it is all completely new. Everything the children make they get to take home. Snacks are provided in the morning and afternoon, so children just need to bring lunch. We are also lucky enough to take our creativity outside to the Inspirations Garden, which we use as much as possible.

Just £26 per child per day, with early drop off options from 8 am and late pick up until 5:30 pm for a little extra fee. A 25% sibling discount available. To book go to

For more information call 0113 2199799 / 07977191777 or email

Monday 5th August – Friday 12th August

Each holiday club week’s activities are planned around a theme and a children’s book and story. For this week of our summer holiday club we will be getting into the holiday spirit by exploring the book, ‘Over in the Ocean’, which leads us nicely into song already! We have so many more songs about the open seas and oceans and everything in them, as well craft activities using a full range of materials, from air drying clay to wax and water colour paints. We will also be looking at the the very topical discussion of how to reuse our plastics, rather than recycle and making some fantastic things from them before they end up in the sea.

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Monday 12th August – Friday 16th August

Our 2nd week will be with the fantastically funny book, ‘Revolting Rhymes’, by Roald Dahl. Each day takes us through the traditional tales we know so well, but with the twist of the tale we might not yet know! The songs from each story very cleverly teach the children about pitch, dynamics and tempo, as well as the opportunity to explore the different instruments and their timbre. Our craft will vary day to day depending on the traditional tale, ranging from making beautiful pots to grow our own ‘beanstalk’, or bowls for our porridge to painted rocks for our very own story telling

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Tuesday 27th August – Friday 30th August

All our music and craft activities for week 3 of our summer holiday club will be based around the book, ‘The Days the Crayons Quit’. For our last week of holiday club we always try to use a book that is well-loved, but also just starts us thinking about getting back into school mode. After 5 weeks off school it is a great week to bring the children back into routine and timetables with our fantastic planned activities. For this week we will be exploring colour in all ways possible, including mixing colours, using tie dye, separating colours in a way where science meets art. Our musical instruments are already rainbow coloured and a fantastic way to introduce children to the the element of pitch, as well as a brilliant beginning of many colour related musical games (including our very colourful parachute!).

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